A webinar is an educational video on the internet. At TacticalWebinars.com, we focus on tactical items and any other survival/outdoors based items that we feel might have educational value to our participants.

Glad you asked! This webinar is to show our appreciation when new Students register with us! When you establish your new account with TacticalWebinars.com you will be given a free seat credit for this webinar. Each Student is limited to one (1) seat in this webinar. Entry is valid only for new Students.

This webinar is to thank our customers for referring their friends and fellow enthusiasts!

Your unique referral code (found in your Student Portal) will track new customers that use your code to register a new account with TacticalWebinars.com.

New reward webinars are be posted after a seat is chosen to keep the product.

Keep referring and keep receiving Reward Bucks to the current Rewards webinars.

Rewards Bucks are like store credits.

Use them to purchase seats for a “Rewards Bundle” webinar.

You can earn unlimited Rewards Bucks following these easy steps.

Step 1:  Use your custom link or QR code found in your account to refer new people to the site.
Step 2:  You get $5.00 dropped into your Reward Bucks wallet and the new user gets a seat to a “New User” product webinar. A win win for both of you!

Federal Firearms License. This license permits various retail activities related to firearms and other NFA items. Information pertaining to your chosen FFL shop is required before we can send you any item that falls under this license.

The seat number you reserve to watch the webinar is the number that is automatically entered into and used to do the randomized drawing at the end of the webinar.

You will receive an email or text alerting you to your webinar’s start time. Looking forward to seeing you there!

We stream our webinars right here on our own site! So, there are no 3rd party accounts to create or extra logins to remember.

Congrats! You will receive an email from us to confirm either your personal shipping address for non-FFL items, or, the info of your FFL for those applicable items.

Non-FFL items will go to the shipping address saved on your profile via whatever shipping service. FFL applicable items have to, and will only, go to an FFL license holder of your choosing.

If you are unable to watch your chosen webinar that is okay, the seat itself is your reservation. All seat numbers in a given webinar are how a winner is picked via random number generator.

Yes! Sort of… As long as you live in the United States and can receive parcel shipping you can receive non-FFL items directly from us. For FFL items you will need to coordinate with a licensed entity that is geographically convenient for you. (consult a map)

Our bad! But, please reach out to us on our Contact page and let us know your query, good sir/madam.